22 October 2011

Fashion Fashion Fashion

The best way to have a closet full of options is to have a basic understanding of fashion.

When it comes to classic styles:
Years ago a friend bought me a copy of "the Lucky shopping manual", a guide to building and improving your wardrobe piece by piece.

This book is amazing.  Each chapter gives you advice on fit, styling, best choices for your shape, what pieces you need to build your closet, how to wear the pieces for each season, how to wear the same piece multiple ways, advice for what to look for when trying on pieces at the store, and some designer suggestions and a peek at their closet.

I have thrown this book into a fairly large purse and brought it with me shopping before.  If that isn't an option I recommend browsing through it before leaving for the store to have a more successful shopping trip.

When it comes to trendy styles:
To find out what is in style this season take a look at magazines or the web.  The ultimate is Vogue.  You can find everything fashionable and fantastic in the advertisements.  Look at the size of this thing!  Most of it is advertisements that give a sneak peak at what will be hot this year.  

What is hot for fall 2011:
  • sparkly flats
  • leggings are still in but if you want to step it up from last year look for some with texture in the material
  • embellished blazers (metallic details, added sparkle, or lace) 
  • crop tops (only if you are very thin and please don't pair with the leggings)
  • peplums (not my thing personally, but they are in)


  1. I'm really tempted by leggings. They are comfortable, but I'm afraid to do it in a way that would A) make me look bad (I'm an apple shape) and B) wouldn't look like I'm in my pajamas. haha.

    Got advice? The 80's have returned huh?

  2. Wear leggings with tunic tops that come past your hips but not past your mid thighs. Make sure your leggings are tight and fitted, and your tunic is roomy.

    To dress up leggings, go for a monochromatic look with all black. The monochromatic look is best for shorter people too.

    Leggings look best with ballerina flats, pumps, or boots.

  3. Got any examples of the kind of tunic I should look for?

  4. You mentioned possibly wanting to wear leggings to work on your blog. I think that if the place you work allows jeans you can wear leggings. However you have to pair them with a tunic that covers your entire rear. A lot of cardigans are long now too and could work as long as you can button the bottom buttons and have it still fit loosely.

    For a slightly more dressed up office, I would wear them with a longer button up shirt, pumps, and a blazer. For the more casual office, I would do black leggings, a black or grey tunic top, with black ballet flats.

    The outfit can be paired with a high belt or a colorful scarf.

    Here are some shirts I like: